Jane’s Care is a company pf promise, positivity and possibilities. Each day is another opportunity to share our journey, vision and purpose. Being mindful of all people with whom we engage with and wellbeing we add value and quality of life.

Our values guide the way we work and engage within our communities, with each other and especially the people who are choosing us to support them.

We have a vibrant organisational culture where new ideas come to light, people thrive and innovative collaboration happens.

This is the belief that brings us together and sets us apart.


  • We understand that you are the most important person in our business and will consistently keep you placed as the central pivot to our goal of serving and meeting your outcomes in the best possible way.
  • We have a friendly, skilled, and experienced team that stays dedicated to your needs. A team that simply cares. 
  • Our approach is sponsored by highly customised and person-centred approaches to the trade.
  • We heavily subscribe to the notion of client-to-team member matching as a tool to attaining high client satisfaction. 
  • Our programs ,processes, systemsand packages are developed and continually reviewed through consultative and client-led initiatives  

flexible in approach & accommodating in delivery

Our Team

At Jane’s Care we strongly believe in empowering talented and passionate team members while sharing such an  exciting opportunity  to work with common purpose in supporting   choice in lifestyle and enhancing quality of life outcomes for our clients.

Enabling you  to continue thriving in the community that you choose, with the support that you require and prefer. 

You are in good hands

We have a team of highly trained, experienced and caring professionals who thrive on maintaining a commitment to quality services for you at home and in the community. 


Our team members boast a variety of skills, experience, credentials and qualifications. They are capable of providing the most basic of needs/support,  through to consisting of highly competent clinicians comfortable with critical/tertiary care and support needs that include life sustaining mechanisms and/or interventions.

Our holistic, person-centred manner with which we engage is apparent across the entire organization and is our teams commitment to you and your needs. 


Jane’s Care has a strong and well-rounded leadership group that is well positioned to inspire our entire team. Leadership that has the confidence to take the organisation to higher levels through effective application of experiences, expertise and skills. Business know-how and clinical aptitude obtained via access, active contact and credentials from many years spent in healthcare as well as the commercial and IT business sectors.

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