Let us introduce ourselves

About Jane’s Care

Jane`s Care clientele enjoy a broad range of services from basic domestic duties and care, daily assistance and nursing support through to complex high care support. 

We are a community based organisation that offers comprehensively packaged, flexible, innovative and individualised care /support /nursing and technical services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Individuals living in the community whom require support for an improved quality of life, can and do rely on Jane’s Care.

The aged, disabled and incapacitated form the core group of clientele benefiting from our operational units. 

Expertise and experience

Our Leadership

The organisations’ leadership boasts of vast expertise and experience in the tertiary care, sub-acute care, rehabilitation, aged care as well as community care. Jane’s Care is also complimented with commercial and frontline experience in the communications, IT and customer relations. 

The mixture of a well balanced and well informed team of professionals enables Jane`s Care and its clientele to benefit through well established and proven process and systems management.

Jane’s Care delivers quality care and support services!

Brining us together & setting us apart

Our Values

  • we value all of our staff, clients and stakeholders and encourage their development while rewarding their performance
  • we listen to each other, our clients and stakeholders
  • we demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics
  • we show respect and value all individuals for their diverse background, experiences, needs, styles, approaches and ideas
  • we make sure no one feels excluded or left behind; clients, stakeholders, staff, the whole community
  • we show pride in out company – Jane’s Care
  • we delight our clients through high quality services and positive outcomes
  • we promote a positive, energising, optimistic and fun environment
  • we value, promote and protect our reputation

Who We Are

Jane`s Care is a company pf promise, positivity and possibilities. Each day represents an opportunity to share in our clientele’s journey while executing Jane’s Cares’ vision and purpose. By being mindful of all people with whom we engage with and their wellbeing we are able to add value and quality of life.

Our values guide the way we work and engage with our clients, within our communities and with each other.

Through clear focus on our engagements we have a vibrant organisational culture where ideas come to light, people thrive and innovative collaboration happens. The real benefit of improved quality of life is that of our clients.

This is the belief that brings us together and sets us apart.

Our vision, our mission

To provide client centered care and support services that make a real difference to our clients and our team.

Our Purpose

Engage, assist, care for and support individuals who then enjoy, flourish and thrive in a home and community that is theirs.

Our Aims

  • To deliver high quality care and support services
  • To support people to live independently at home
  • To significantly deliver on sustainable community services
  • To show respect at all times

Outcomes We Strive For

  • Improved life outcomes for out client and community
  • Best care and support for our clients
  • Safe and high quality services
  • Valued and empowered staff and clients
  • Effective, responsive and well led partnerships that provide services where they best meet our clients needs